Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Catastrophic Flooding in Houston

Hurricane Harvey has dumped the most rain on the continental US in history it was revealed today - as catastrophic scenes unfold in Houston TX with shelters overwhelmed with survivors, a curfew in place to prevent looting, dams overflowing and a chemical plant at risk of exploding.

At least 18 are dead but it is likely that number will rise as the floods recede and more victims are found Though military help has been limited, up to 30,000 National Guard troops could be called on to help in Texas

Helicopter view of Houston shows extent of flooding damage

Houston, Before and After Harvey

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Aerial footage: Aftermath of devastating Houston floods

Kayaks & jet skis: People cross flooded streets on boats after Hurricane Harvey

Dramatic: Woman rescued from high waters in Houston amid Hurricane Harvey flooding

13,000 Rescued In Houston and Surrounding Area

Man makes it out right before truck floats away

Hurricane Harvey Drone Footage of Houston Flooding

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