Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why is There Suffering?

It's one of the greatest questions a person can ask. Watch as Ollie provides different approaches to dealing with this difficult question.

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starlitdreams2 said...

I like the one about suffering. Somewhat comforting except for the theory about suffering building character. Up to a point that could be true, but I observe it mostly weakens a strong person if real world or spiritual attacks are unrelenting and repetitive on a person. It might be better in that case to help the person do spiritual battle, make spiritual warfare on the unseen enemy or curse coming from an evil realm, assuming the attacks are NOT from G-D but from HIS enemies and the supernatural enemies of humans. This idea is that the best and strongest people will get attacked the most by Satan or the serpentor dragon,the force is dark, and self-serving.and likes a challenge of tearing down good, faith-filled people over weak, easy prey.what do YOU think?