Friday, July 21, 2017

Dvar Torah Parshas Matos Masei 5777

Setbacks as Springboards. Has your life run into a roadblock? Parshat Matot-Masse

Matos Massei: If you don't love em don't tell em what to do - Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY

Matos Massei: Getting past those gatekeepers - Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY

Parshas Matos - Masei 5777 - Rabbi Aryeh Royde - Caring relationship - Hashem and his people!

Mattot-Massei - Rabbi Laibl Wolf's weekly Parsha video - There are 42 spiritual journeys in life. Each one is necessary as a prerequisite to the next one. Some may be long and some may be short. But the Torah is the smart app that guides you through the cosmic maze, as does waze guide the driver seeking the location of the address.

Parashas Matos-Massei - Is Our Life Predetermined? - Rabbi Mendel Feigenson Chabad of Sugar Land

Matos Massei: Oy, If only I knew he needed mashkeh too! - Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY

Matos Massei: Dont get stuck. Keep on moving - Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY

Rabbi Minkowicz Weekly Torah Lesson Parsha Matot Massei 5777 - This week the Rabbi answers the question: "How can we be inspired to continue to grow?"

Rabbi Moshe Snow - Parshas Matos/Masei 5777: Not Mere Words

Rabbi Yitz Wyne - Gratitude = Joy + Energy - How Moshe used gratitude to trump "fear of death" and to continue to serve G-d with alacrity and enthusiasm...

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