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Gemara Academy Making Gemara Simpler & Easier

"Before our Rebbi started using Gemara Academy, I never looked at Tosfos. It was too hard," said Yaakov, a Mesivta student. "After using the program, I could understand the text perfectly."

Rabbi Chananya Hoffinger created Gemara Academy after 7 years of teaching high school. The methods teachers used when he was in school weren't working for his classroom.

"If your students are struggling, you're struggling too," said Rabbi Hoffinger. Rabbi Hoffinger worked to design a system to clarify Gemara concepts, and made the comprehensive program available to other schools and individual learners.

Using technology, Gemara Academy synchronizes text-based and visual-based learning, using color codes in the text and charts to help students identify which words are a teaching which are a question, which are an answer and which are a proof. Gemara Academy also uses introductory outlines, flowcharts, and pictures to reach many types of learners. Click Here to read and see more.

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The latest version is interactive, allowing students to explore concepts at their own pace. Audio features help with pronunciation and translation. The voice-over also explains each portion of the classes.

A completely new feature are assessments on each class. Each assessment focuses on 3 areas:
1) Vocabulary – testing the student on the Gemara words of the class
2) Understanding – testing the student’s understanding of the class
3) Text – testing the student’s ability to accurately divide the text into the parts of the Gemara

The presentations guide students to identify the bigger picture, so they don't get lost in the details. Also, over time students can recognize the style and tools the Gemara uses. Once they understand the patterns, students can approach new material with confidence.

This past year over 300 students in 26 classrooms in 16 Yeshivos have used Gemara Academy, which is also available for individual students as a home study aid. Teachers, tutors and students can access over 600 classes which are all available online.

Rabbi Nochum Labkowski, who teaches 8th grade in a Cheder in Queens, writes “Gemara Academy brings such clarity, giving the Talmidim a very clear picture of the structure of the Gemara, it then goes through the Gemara inside and puts all the information that they learned, into the words of the Gemara. The boys walk away with the ability to read the Gemara inside fluently and accurately, with a clear understanding of each step of the Gemara. It has completely transformed our whole Gemara learning experience”

And Anshie, whose son has been using Gemara Academy to help him with his learning, writes:
“I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Before we started using Gemara Academy, reviewing the Gemara with my son was a very frustrating experience.  He was not really getting it and was not doing well on tests which caused him to be down on his whole day.

Once we started using Gemara Academy all that changed, learning is a pleasure and he’s doing well on the tests which is causing his whole day to be better. Thanks for all your hard work”

Rabbi Dovid Nojowitz, National Director of Torah Umesorah, says Gemara Academy is a "valuable and effective tool" that helps Talmidim understand the structure of how Gemara works.
The classes are available on the following Perakim:
1. פרק תפלת השחר
2. פרק אלו מציאות
3. פרק המפקיד
4. פרק הכונס
5. פרק החובל
6. פרק השוכר את האומנים
7. פרק המניח
8. פרק כיצד העדים
9. פרק השותפין
10. פרק חזקת הבתים

To find out how the program can unlock the power of Gemara for you and your class, for your son’s learning, or for your own learning visit or send an email to

Full Gemara Academy Presentation - See all the currently available features of a Gemara Academy Class

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