Thursday, June 15, 2017

Up-close with Chilul Shabbos Protest In Jerusalem

Members of the Eida Chareidi tzibur were out in protest on Shabbos afternoon the last few weeks against chilul Shabbos in Jerusalem, as is often the case, especially on daylight savings time Shabbos afternoons.

There were shouts of a death penalty for those ignoring the Torah HaKadosha. The Jerusalem police spokesman’s report states protestors bothered passersby as they tried closing streets and stores.

The illegal protests moved to city center and confronted bar and store owners. Only then did police arrive. They returned to HaNevi’im Street and while most adults headed home, the children and youths threw items at passing vehicles. There are no reports of arrests.

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Anonymous said...

Why was the video being taken on Shabbos?