Tuesday, June 13, 2017

​New Wedding Magazine Hits Newsstands

​New Wedding Magazine Catering to Orthodox Jewish Community Hits Newsstands

Making a wedding has just gotten infinitely easier with the debut of Under the Chuppa, a stunning new full color quarterly magazine that is destined to become the definitive guide for chasanim and kallahs everywhere.  Packed with information about shidduchim, engagements, wedding planning, married life and more by well known rabbonim, personalities and authors, this free magazine has quickly become the go to guide for anyone and everyone “in the parsha.”
Best of all, Under the Chuppa is free.

“We were looking to create the ultimate wedding guide and to make it accessible to everyone,” said Yosef Shidler, editor in chief of Under the Chuppah.

As the owner of the highly regarded CJ Studios, one of the biggest names in the Jewish wedding photo and video market, Shidler has gone to hundreds of weddings and has interacted firsthand with couples and their families.  Putting together a monthly publication that would enlighten, inform and entertain people during this crucial time in their lives was a no-brainer for Shidler.

“While there are so many amazing books and articles written about dating and marriage, it seemed like a great idea to make a shidduch of our own, pairing high quality content on those subjects with information about the various wedding preparations,” said Shidler.  “We are excited to be offering advice and tips from the pros to our readers at the time when they need them most.”

Under the Chuppa is available at multiple locations throughout the metropolitan New York area and  Available Online Here

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