Monday, June 12, 2017

"Hineni Rofeh Loch" Yiddish Nachas & Shira

Hineni, a new song that is already touching many hearts, and has turned out to be a source of Chizuk and inspiration for so many Choilei Yisroel, performed live on stage by the Yiddish Nachas and the Shira choir.

Song composed by: Yossi Green (creator and visionary of Yiddish Nachas)
Published by: Oh Yeah Music!
Originally released by: MBD - Album Tzaakah
Music arranged and directed by: Mendy Hershkowitz
Solos: Shimmy Weberman, Shmueli Landau, Yoely Glick, Yossi Weiss, Chaim Lebowitz
Kids choir: Yiddish Nachas
Adult choir: The Shira Choir
Post production: MK studio
Mix and Master: Sonic-Duo productions
Video by: Motty Engel
Additional video by: Neumann Media

כה אמר, כה אמר ה
שמעתי את תפלתך
כה אמר, כה אמר ה
שמעתי את תפלתך

שמעתי, שמעתי את תפלתך
ראיתי, ראיתי את דמעתך
הנני רופא לך
הנני רופא לך

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