Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Five Year old Bravely Fends Off Pack of Hungry Dogs

A brave little five-year-old boy foils a potentially deadly dog attack to protect his best friend, and the heart-warming incident was caught on camera.

The youngster, named Chandu, had been holding hands with schoolgirl Pooja, also five, as they wandered away from a family get-together and into an alley.

But moments later four hungry canines surrounded the youngsters just after midnight on May 27 in Hyderabad, India.

Brave Chandu squared up to the ravenous beasts as they surrounded him - waving his hands to scare them away. The lad's clever actions allowed Pooja to flee safely back down the street where her screams alerted family to come to help.

With the dog attack stifled and the hungry mutts standing down, little Chandu calmly backed away to rejoin Pooja.

CCTV footage from the home in the Anjaneya Nagar district of the city captured the dramatic bravery.

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Anonymous said...

they were wagging their tails. not exactly a hungry motion