Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chaim Blumenfeld & Child Soloist Yanky Singer

 In a soul stirring performance, Chaim Blumenfeld breathes new life into Michoel Schnitzler’s classic Avinu Av Harachaman, originally recorded on his 2011 Yom Simchaseinu album.

Joined by child soloist Yanky Singer, Blumenfeld’s exquisite vocals touch the heart as he sings this emotional Lipa Feldman composition,

a timeless parable about the coming of Moshiach in a story of a father and a child journeying together on a boat.

Further enhancing this beautiful musical moment recorded at Monsey’s Hamaspik Hall on May 22nd, 2017 are the talents of Stanislav Nikolov on violin, Motty Feldman on guitar and Yossi Eidlisz on keyboard!

Video Credit
Solo: Chaim Blumenfeld
Child Soloist: Yanky Singer
Music and Arrangements by: Yossi Eidlisz
Mix: Aba Berkowitz
Video: Neuman Studios

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