Thursday, June 29, 2017

Boy Gets Hit by Car, Walks Away Without a Scratch

Dramatic dashcam footage shows a young jewish boy being hit by a moving car in Williamsburg Brooklyn - before getting up and walking away without a scratch.

The footage shows the vehicle turning onto Skillman St from Park Ave, in Williamsburg, when a young boy darts into the street.

The video shows the boy being hit by the vehicle which is traveling at around 12mph, The boy tumbles back and falls over, with the force of the impact knocking the yarmulke off his head,

But he scoops it up and runs off the road just as quickly as he was knocked down, soon disappearing from frame.

An unknown man approaches the car which does not move for a few seconds after the incident, which occurred at around 7.16pm on Tuesday.

Police have no information about the incident.

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