Monday, May 15, 2017

Under The Chuppa Magazine

Under The Chuppa Magazine - First Edition Profiles 

Attention singles:  Under the Chuppa wants to put you under the chuppa!

Under the Chuppa is an all new, free, monthly publication that will be aimed at the ever growing Jewish wedding market. Filled with highly informative and professional content by well known authors on topics including shidduchim, engagements, wedding planning, married life and more,  Under the Chuppa will be the ultimate wedding guide for the Jewish community in and around the New York area.

As we celebrate the launch of Under the Chuppa, we want to give you the chance to get your name out there so that you can find your bashert.  Send us a 40 word blurb telling us a little about yourself, as well as your age, location, hashkafic affiliation and contact info for a reference, which could be either a shadchan who knows you or a close friend or relative.  In order to ensure the utmost in privacy, please include a unique ID code of your choosing in your listing instead of your name.  Be sure to share that code with your reference so that when someone calls with that code, they will know to give them your information and not someone else’s.

The first 40 profiles received will be featured in our upcoming debut issue of Under the Chuppa which will be distributed to thousands of people all over the metropolitan New  York/New Jersey area. 

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