Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Toddler Takes His Bounce House Time Very Seriously

The one thing that makes almost every kid grin from ear-to-ear is not that big of a deal to one very adult-seeming toddler.

A hilarious video featuring a stoic 2-year-old named Parker nonchalantly jumping in a bounce house has gone viral.

Todd Blass recently recorded his nephew Parker hopping away in the most composed, coolheaded manner possible, the 2-year-old hardly smiling as he jumped up and down on the colorful inflated surface with his hands firmly in his pockets even as a fellow partygoer has a mini-meltdown behind him.

Unlike his unimpressed relative, the uncle was apparently excited enough about the event to share the passive Parker on YouTube Sunday with the title, "I will never be as cool as my 2 year old nephew in a bounce house."

The enthusiasm was not exclusive. As of Wednesday evening, the video of the apathetic acrobat had amassed over 3.4 million views.

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