Sunday, May 28, 2017

Shulem Brodt & Menacham Moskowitz, Yedidim Choir

Yedidim Choir presenting to you Wonder child Shulem Brodt (son of Nechemia Brodt grandchild of Music legend Reb Abish) who is singing "Ani Maamin" together with soloist Menachem Moskowitz accompanied by Yedidim Choir & Shmily Spira on the keys.

Song was originally recorded on the album 'Yevureich - Mesikous 1' by L'chaim Productions.

Production: Yedidim Choir - Yanky Orlansky
Sung By: Menachem Moskowitz
Child Soloist: Shulem Brodt
Music By: Shmily Spira
Video By: Neumann Media - MD Neumann
Mixed By: Abe Berkowitz

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