Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jerusalem Day 50th Anniversary Celebration

The celebration at the Kosel on Yom Yerushlayim. Marking 50 years since the day the Kosel and Yerushlayim was recaptured and once again under Jewish control, allowing the Jewish People for the first time in 20 years, to once again pray at their Holy Wall.

"...אני מאמין בניסים, אני יודע שיש אלוקים, והוא בורא עולם, הכוח של כולם" (I believe in miracles! I know there is a God, And he's the creator of the world, The force of everything...) - In one thunderous voice, Yaakov Shwekey along with thousands of others, sing the former's popular song "Ani Ma'amin Benisim".

The Kosel on Yom Yerushlayim

The Kosel on Yom Yerushlayim

The Kosel on Yom Yerushlayim

ולירושלים עירך shacharit yom yerushalayim 5777 at kotel - at the yeshivot hesder shacharit minyan

Thousands pray at the Western Wall on Jerusalem Day

In the Kotel Tunnel

Birkat kohanim as part of the yeshivot hesder minyan at the kotel on yom yerushalayim 5777

Yom Yerushalayim 50 years Maarat HaMachpela, Hebron

YouTube Vlogger Hananya Naftali: Why Jews Belong in Jerusalem.

יום ירושלים - השמחה הנפלאה של חניכי ישיבת תורת החיים, יד בנימין בכותל המערבי, ירושלים ישראל

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