Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dvar Torah Shavuos & Naso 5777

Is the entire Torah an analogy? - Is the entire Torah is an analogy? If the answer would be yes, would that make it more valuable, or less? As we approach Shavuos — the day on which the Torah was given, we're going to answer the first question, and then ask you to answer the second one.

Naso (Shavuos): Custom Designed for you - Rabbi Shimon Semp

Rabbi Zalman Goldberg, Brooklyn, NY

Shavuos is the finale of leaving Egypt - שבועות - Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm

Naso (Shavuos): Would you rather go Bottled or the Real Thing? - Rabbi Shimon Semp

How to prepare for the giving of the Torah שבועות - Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm

נאר דו און גאט -  צי ווינטשטו זיך אז גאט זאל מיט דיר ריידן? מיט וואונטשען פאר א דערהויבנדיקער און טיפזינענענדיגער שבועות

Shavuot - Expressing Our Love for the Torah! - Rabbi Chaim Mintz explains in this short message that the Torah is what makes us Jews, and why we express our love for the Torah on the Holiday of Shavout!

Video Vort: Shavuot with Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Reuven Brand

Video Vort: Parshat Naso with Rabbi Yaakov Frankiel

Rabbi Minkowicz Weekly Torah Lesson Parsha Naso 5777 - This week the Rabbi answers the question:"How can you come face to face with G-D?"

On Shavuos in 1313 BCE we were given the Torah by G-d on Mount Sinai. The catch? Torah was already studied – and followed – for generations before it was given on Mt. Sinai… So, what is Shavuos really about? What did it change? Something incredibly profound happened when G-d formally presented the Torah to us revolutionizing our relationship with divinity and our ability to change the world.

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