Friday, May 12, 2017

Dvar Torah Parshas Emor 5777

Never Too Late - Did you mess up badly? Pesach Sheni

Parashas Emor-Human Life Has Value,But What's The Purpose Of Living? - Rabbi Mendel Feigenson Chabad of Sugar Land

Lag B'omer 5777 - Rabbi Aryeh Royde - Just continue building!

Rabbi Shneur Goldberg

Emor - Want G-d? Be Happy! - Using the Kohen as the paradigm for a spiritually satisfying life, Rabbi Wyne of  Young Israel Aish of Las Vegas, describes how staying true to your mission brings joy and happiness in life.

Emor 5777 What can be better than independence? - Dovid Eisenberg

Rabbi Minkowicz Weekly Torah Lesson Parsha EMOR 5777 - This week the Rabbi answers the question: "Can everyone be helped?"

Sichah in Six: Parshas Emor - Hashem, The Kohen Gadol and Staying Pure - A beautiful explanation of the true idea of the Kohen Gadol and how everything physical is a parable for G-dliness. Likutei Sichos vol. 7 pp. 153 -157

Weekly Parsha Thought Parshas Emor by Zalman E

Something SpiritShul - Parshas Emor 5777 - Rabbi Yehuda Stern

Parshas Emor of the Savannah Kollel

Energizer #313 - Parshas Emor, "The Most Important Word"

Parshas Emor - Rabbi Fisch  of Etz Chaim

Growing Weekly Parshas Emor - Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

Emor: What's everyone talking about - Rabbi Shimon Semp

Emor: When to drive your sword into bed - Rabbi Shimon Semp

Loving others is the best preparation for Torah- ספירת העומר - Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm

How is every baal teshuva like a kohen gadol -אמור - Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm

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