Sunday, April 23, 2017

Jewish Boy Being Attacked by Pit Bull in Monsey

A young boy playing on the sidewalk in Spring Valley was attacked by a pit bull Thursday — and the disturbing attack was caught on video.

It happened in the driveway of a home on North Cole Avenue in Spring Valley where children in the neighborhood are known to play.

The video shows the pit bull, Max, sprinting up to the group of children, dragging down 3-year-old Eli and biting him several times. Eli manages to get away when the dog chases him again.

The attack finally ended when a Good Samaritan grabbed the dog away from the children.

Little Eli received stitches for cuts to his face and neck, but is expected to be OK.

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Anonymous said...

What is funny or boring about someone getting hurt??
Moderator please add some better reactions. These are way inappropriate.