Thursday, April 27, 2017

DINA Legal Conference by DROR - Recap

On Wednesday, May 4 2016, a conference took place at the Ateres Golda Hall that drew thousands of members of the community, Rabbanim, elected officials, and legal and financial professionals — for the purpose of increasing awareness of the law, and the imperative that we, as Torah Jews have to go above and beyond to conduct ourselves in the spirit of kiddush Hashem.

The event was presented by the Dror organization, whose mission is to ease the plight of those who find themselves incarcerated — which means that they appreciate more than most the need to avoid any encounter with the law, and to lead a just life.

The highly informative evening touched on many important topics, and inspired participants toward a life of v’asisa hayashar v’hatov, living an ethical and just life.

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