Sunday, March 26, 2017

Yanky Briskman & Shira Choir Nigun Yoseph

It was just a wedding. Until Shira & Yanky cranked the fun factor up to 11.

In this very creative clip, multi-talented musician and arranger Yanky Briskman, joins with the amazing Shira Choir performing Nigun Yoseph, a creative, fast-paced, harmoniously complex song written by Israeli musician and composer Achiya Asher Cohen.

With intertwined layers across musical genres such as traditional klezmer, debka, disco, Israeli dance, and fusion, this song pays homage to legendary Israeli guitarist Yosi Piamenta, who elevated countless weddings in Israel and America with what he called the “strings of my heart”.

Piamenta was known for seamlessly transitioning between American rock and roll, klezmer, fusion, and multiple Middle Eastern flavors. This song commemorate his talent with a song he surely would have loved to play.

Composed by: Achiya Cohen
Sung by: Shira choir
Music by: Yanky Briskman
Stage manager: Motty Jay
Mixed by: Chaim gottesman
Video and editing: Motty Engel

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