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Dvar Torah Parshas Titzaveh - Zachor - Purim 5777

Tetzaveh: Story from Tosher Rebbe (Thank you Nachman Dryer for playing effect!) - Rabbi Shimon Semp

A Vort from the Luabvitcher Rebbe ZY"A - Purim: What Can King Achashverosh Teach You? - Why does the Megillah describe the extravagance of Achashveirosh’s feast in such great detail, which is irrelevant to the miracles or themes of Purim?

We must learn from Achashveirosh: Someone who spent 180 days partying and drinking, and then feasted for another seven days with decadent indulgence obviously had his priorities wrong, but he used his every resource and all his might. How much more-so must a Jew fulfill his priority – his G-d given mission – to his utmost, drawing on every talent, ability and resource G-d has granted him.

We cannot be satisfied by equaling or even surpassing the achievements of another person; we must achieve our own maximum potential, and even beyond. Only by providing others with a spiritual “banquet” worthy of our own “means” do we fulfill our obligation to G-d, to the Jewish people and to the world.  14 Adar II, 5733 - March 18, 1973

Dvar Torah Titzaveh by Rabbi Zalman Goldberg

When Hashem Laughed

Purim 5777 - Rabbi Aryeh Royde - Blessing the evil!

Purim - The Holiest Day of The Year - What would you say is the holiest day in the Jewish calendar? Yom Kippur? Think again.

The significence of the Breastplate tied to the Ephod - תצוה - Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm

Finding Moshe in parsha Tetzave - תצוה - Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm

Rabbi Minkowicz Weekly Torah Lesson Parsha Tetzaveh - This week the Rabbi answers the question: "What is more important Us or the Torah?"

Tetzaveh: Tomorrow after-tomorrow forever - Rabbi Shimon Semp

Tetzaveh: If you killed it - Rabbi Shimon Semp

Tetzaveh - Rabbi Laibl Wolf's Parsha message - Our Inner Voice. Just as the High Priest of old consulted his breastplate (Choshen) for answers to difficult questions, so do we have access to our inner voice – our individual soul.

The Magical Connection Between Purim & Tetzaveh - The Magical Connection Between Purim & Tetzaveh. Why Didn't Haman's Daughter Recognize Him?
Is Moshe's name really omitted in the Parshah? The Vilna Gaon, says it is in EVERY pasuk. Adapted from R'Yonason Eibschutz and Sefer Talleli Orot on the Parsha. Presented by Efraim Levy (

Tetzaveh 5777 If it's dark you need to light it up! By Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg

Parshas Tetzaveh/Zachor 5777: Heads Up. By Moshe Snow

Nesivos Shalom Purim Tetzaveh Zachor 5777

Parashat Tetzaveh/Zachor/Purim Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz Weekly Torah Portion series

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