Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oorah's Shmorg 9 - When Zaidy was Young #3

The Shmorg volume 9, with over 4 hours of entertainment, is filled with new exciting stories like "Fiveish and the Great Gevaldig", Berel and the Bus Driver, and "Extreme Fiveish", a Captivating and educational episode of "Torah Animal World", Live Jewish music, and more!
Your $100 donation will include the entire When Zaidy was Young Collection - all THREE episodes!
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Oorah's Shmorg 9 Trailer - More Than 4 Hours of Jewish Entertainment for All Ages

The "When Zaidy was Young Collection" provides hours of quality Kosher entertainment for all ages!

This collection includes all THREE episodes, including the all new "When Zaidy was Young #3", with newly added special effects and captivating scenes! This is one collection you can't afford NOT to get!

Get your When Zaidy was Young Collection FREE with your $100 donation to this year's Oorah Auction at Includes complementary Shmorg9.

When Zaidy was Young Collection - Trailer

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