Friday, February 10, 2017

Charedi Protesters Clash with Cops at Army Draft Demos

For a third night in a row, hundreds of extremist Charedi men took to major roads, thoroughfares and highways around the country Thursday afternoon to block traffic in protest at the arrest of yeshiva student by the military police for failing to report for military service to IDF enlistment offices.

Protests took place beginning at 15:30 in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, the Shilat Junction close to Modiin, Elad, Kanut Junction close to Gadera, Beit Shemesh, and other locales, during which some 31 protesters were arrested by police for disturbing the public order.

Police used a water cannon and mounted police to disperse the protesters, but shortly after each attempt by the police to clear the junction, the protesters would return once again and continue to block the traffic.

The protests were stepped up Thursday after police extended the arrest of the 24-year-old draft dodger for an additional 10 days.

Police said prior to the protests that while it respects the “freedom to protest,” it “will not enable disturbers of the peace to violate the law and endanger the lives” of Israeli citizens.

Many in the ultra-Orthodox community shun the mandatory military service that applies to most Israelis, and the community has historically enjoyed blanket exemptions in favor of religious seminary studies. But some in the religious community refuse to even appear at the recruiting office to request such exemptions in protest against the state.

Without getting an exemption, those Charedi men are legally considered draft dodgers and open to military detention, as was the case with the 24-year-old yeshiva student earlier this week.

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Warning! Footage is violent and chaotic

צפו ב-7 דקות מהדרמה בהפגנה הסוערת היום בצומת הרחובות בר אילן ושמואל הנביא בירושלים נגד מעצר מפגינים שהפגינו נגד מעצר תלמיד ישיבה עריק שלא התייצב בלשכת הגיוס. 31 מפגינים נעצרו כך שצפויים הפגנות נוספות עקב מעצרם. צילום: הערשי פרלמוטר-חדשות 24.

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