Thursday, February 16, 2017

BD"E Eli Lipsker, 76, OBM -R' Eli Lipsker, a renowned musician and Baal Menagen of Chasidic music, passed away on Thursday, 20 Shvat, 5777. He was 76 and suffered from a terrible illness in recent years.

Eli, longtime Crown Heights resident, was one of the pioneers of recorded Jewish music.  He was internationally known as a leading exponent of Chassidic music and involved in some of the Pirchei Aguda records of the 1960's, Camp Sdei Chemed choir,  the Chabad Nichoach series, and of course the the Eli Lipsker Choir.

He was born in the former Soviet Union, where, at an early age his unique musical talents became apparent. His family emigrated to Israel in 1948. The Lipsker home was always filled with an abundance of Chassidic singing, and he developed passion for Chassidic Niggunim. The young Eli taught himself to play the recorder and accordion by ear. Through these media, he was able to express himself musically.

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Eli Lipsker playing Purim sings - February 2014.

Some Chabad melodies By: Eli Lipsker

Eli Lipsker more klezmer

Eli Lipsker plays with mendy L "Asukele"

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