Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Yisroel Werdyger, Shira, A Berko Prod - Shelo Asani Goy

Yisroel Werdyger accompanied by Avrumi Berko's band and production, joined by the world renown Shira Choir, deliver the new hit song at a recent wedding.

Shelo Asani Goy was composed by the world class composer and musical arranger Mona Rosenblum. Recently released by Shloime Gertner, Shelo Osani Goy is quickly becoming a sought after Jewish hit wedding song.

Music arranged by: Avrumi Berko
Choir arranged by: Yoily Horowitz
Saxophone: Nathan Cympolinslky
Trumpet: Ben Holmes
Trombone: Daniel Flam
Guitar: Chaim Bokchin
Live Sound: Hersh Meilech Miller
Mixed by: Avrumy Berko
Video by: Neuman Media

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Anonymous said...

Do these musicians understand what they are playing to??