Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sheep Gangs Up on Shepherd

They are known as nature's followers - subservient animals content to fit in with the herd rather than stand out.

But, in every family there is always a black sheep willing to go against the grain.

This is the dramatic moment a shepherd was trampled and then butted into the ground after her herd was spooked by a car. Believed to have been filmed in Germany, the footage shows a shepherd leading her sheep down a country road.

But when a car approaches things quickly go wrong as the shepherd's dog gets distracted from its task of controlling the animals. As the canine runs toward the vehicle the sheep gather together at the side of the road before deciding to run the other way.

A particularly large sheep rams the shepherd in the back and leaves him sprawled in the middle of the road while her dogs are distracted, The shepherd manages to get to her knees but makes the mistake of turning her back on the sheep before being hit again, The woman lays stunned on the tarmac for a few moments as the sheep backs off, before managing to get up to her knees.

But she makes the mistake of turning her back on the sheep who runs back over before butting her in the back, sending her tumbling to the ground again.

The sheep then starts stomping on her before the car drives over and scares it away.

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