Sunday, January 22, 2017

Orangutans Using Saw to Cut Tree Branches

Incredible footage reveals a female great ape using a saw to skilfully divide a branch in two.

The talented ape uses her right hand to hold the tool and her feet to grip the tree branch like a vice. She even blows away the sawdust to inspect her work like a true craftsman.

She previously learned this skills by watching builders at work in the region. When she spots a robot orangutan copying her behavior, the great ape immediately becomes more competitive.

The scenes were filmed in Borneo as part of the BBC One series 'Spy In The Wild', which features eerily realistic robots disguised as a series of different animals.

During the fascinating footage, the female organtutan is also introduced to the shows' robotic version of herself. 

After some moments of filming, the robot orangutan sits alongside her while performing the same task. Here facial expressions mirror those of the real orang using remote control and make her feel at ease, Rather than be put off, the female becomes competitive, furiously sawing to beat her rival.

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