Saturday, January 07, 2017

Neshuma - Berko Brothers, Meshorerim Choir

Sit back, watch and enjoy this new Epic Live Performance by the Meshorerim Choir in collaboration with famous singer Shea Berko and A Berko Production!

'Neshomo' is a beautiful, heartwarming Yiddish song composed by Shimshi Neiman, and recently released by Shloime Gertner.

Music Arranged by: Avrumy Berko
Choir arranged by: Aba Berkowitz
Saxophone: Ron Bertolet
Trumpet: Justin Mullens
Trombone: Daniel Flam
Guitar: Eli Lax
Live Sound: Lipa Meisels/Super Sound Studios
Mixed by: Avrumy Berko
Video by: Ben Hesh Studios

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