Sunday, January 22, 2017

London Traffic Police Sparks Brawl with Chasidic Jews

A traffic warden was bundled to the ground by a group of Orthodox Jewish men after he tried to run one of them over with his motorized scooter.

Astonishing video footage shows the warden mowing down one of the group, before his bike arches up and smashes down onto a man as he tumbles into the road. The shocking incident unfolded after the group confronted the warden as he tried to flee the scene in Hackney, north London.

It is not known how the confrontation erupted, but before the collision eye-witness footage shows the warden hit some of the men with his helmet - after wildly swinging it around like a weapon. After the warden is thrown from his scooter, footage shows the group, who appear to be Orthodox Jews, grappling with the man and holding him face down on the floor by his arms.

Police confirmed the incident happened at around 1.50pm on Monday.

The warden allegedly told the men he 'would come back later with my boys' after an initial altercation in which the group said they would 'report him to the council for misconduct'.

However, it was also reported the warden was 'surrounded by eight-to-10 Orthodox Jews' before the attack, with the group said to be 'following him' and 'blocking him into a parking space'. He is said to have tried to call for help via his radio but was drowned out by 'shouting' from the men. One witness told the Sun:  'He [the warden] revved up his bike and drove straight towards him at full speed. I couldn't believe what was I seeing.


Anonymous said...

A yid get zich an eitza!

Anonymous said...

the poor yid was hit three times by the bike
hope he is ok