Monday, January 16, 2017

Frightening Footage Shows Roof Collapse Middle of Game

The roof of a sports hall in the Czech city of Česká Třebová collapsed during a youth floorball game over the weekend, and the estimated 80 players, officials and spectators in attendance were fortunately all able to escape before the rafters crashed down on the court.

At around the 15-second mark in the video, those inside the building realized that they were in danger, and everyone dashed to the exit doors. One of the last people to make it out was nearly hit by a falling net.

According to the Czech news site the hall was built very recently and had just opened in January. The Governor of the Czech Republic’s Pardubice Region, Martin Netolický, wrote on Facebook that the construction was “sloppy” and “irresponsible,” and that “culprits must be punished.”

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