Friday, January 20, 2017

Dvar Torah Parshas Shemos 5777

Contending with the Impossible

Gruntig Dvar Torah Parshas Shmos

Parashas Shemot - What Transpired During Moses' Inauguration? - Rabbi Mendel Feigenson Chabad of Sugar Land

Shemos: Nu, so where is Hashem? - The Chassam Sofer seems to be taking "I think, therefore I am" To the next level. "I think therefore He is" Hashem only exists to us, as much as we 'think' him into our lives.Or as Hashem himself tells us "Ekeh- Asher Ekeh" "I shall  be... where I will be (allowed in)"

Shemos: But what if you can't learn Torah ?? Yahrtzteit on Monday of the Holy Bnei Yisaschar

Shemos: i-Tehillim

Shemos: What did Yaakov Avinu do when he was wandering out there, pasturing his sheep?

True leadership שמות - Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, Minnesota.

Past, present and future שמות - Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, Minnesota.

Rabbi Shimon Hecht's Shemos message

Video Vort - Shemos 5777 - Rabbi Etan Tokayer

Rabbi Laibl Wolf's Parshah Shemos

Savannah Kollel

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