Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cellphone Footage of HASC 30 Concert

Sunday night, Camp HASC’s 30th Anniversary annual benefit concert, A Time For Music, was held at the David Gefen Hall (Formerly Avery Fisher Hall) at Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

The Hakoras Hatov Award was presented to R’ Sheya Mendlowitz, Jewish music’s greatest producers. A Brooklyn native, Sheya produced his first concert in 1981 and continued with a vision of excellence, working closely with several musical legends. Many years ago, Sheya was moved by how the music affected the special children of Camp HASC. Since, Sheya has produced many Camp HASC concerts, and has continued to show dedicated support.

HASC Board Member Abe Eisner introduced U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to the crowd. Schumer warmly praised Camp HASC, particularly the camp’s devoted counselors for their dedication to the children. “Tzedakah and helping the needy is one of the most important things we can do. Over a thousand children are helped everyday,” he lauded. “It’s an amazing thing.”

Featuring, Avraham Fried, Abie Rotenberg, Rivi Schwebel, Yaakov Shwekey, Boruch Levin, a large Men's Choir directed by Yoely Polatseck, and the Syrian Boys Choir.

Hasc #30 Introduction

Senator Schumer Addresses Camp HASC 'A Time For Music' 30th Anniversary Concert

Teaser of Abie Rotenberg and Rivie Shwebel "Acheinu"

Avraham Fried sings a medley honoring his original producer, Sheya Mendlowitz.

Abie Rotenberg and Yaakov Shwekey sing "Kol Brama"

Abie Rotenberg and Yaakov Shwekey sing "Haben Yakir Li"

Yaakov Shwekey, men's choir, Boys Chor, singing "Chaim"

Baruch Levin with Yaakov Shwekey "Biyodo"

Yaakov Shwekey, mens choir, boys choir "Kulanu Besimcha"

Yaakov Shwekey "Insch Alah"

Abie Rottenberg "Who am I"

Yaakov Shwekey "Ani Maamin B'Nissim"

Yaakov Shwekey "We are a miracle"

Yaakov Shwekey "There's a small piece of heaven"

Shwekey and Boys Choir, "Chaim"

 More of Chaim

 Boys Choir Schwekey

 Shwekey "Umilbaladecha Moshiach"

 Shwekey "Insch Alah"

Lakol zman

Avraham Fried Backstage at the HASC 30 concert

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