Monday, January 30, 2017

Are You Ready to Catch Cherry Fever!

Brand New Crazy Cool music video from Soulie Instrumentals!

Guitars by Srulie Sarf
Drums Tzvi Plaut
bass in studio played by Jimi Durso
video edited by Jake Sojcher
Lighting by YitZko productions
And kobe netanel
Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen
Please Share.
full album out now on iTunes, Google play and mostly music

Cherry Fever - Inspiring adventurous Instrumental Music

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Blue Madness

Grand Thunder

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I enjoy coming to Gruntig for good quality Frum Jewish music. Some of the songs being played seem to not be Jewish though the band or players may be. It is a shame that its getting mixed in. I know alot of songs being made up are coming from the secular world and not knowing those tunes I don't know what is or isn't.
I am posting as yesterday some beatiful stuff being posted but deffenatly don't sound Jewish. I come to Gruntig becouse I want to hear Frum stuff. Thanks for giving us the chance to express our oppinion. I hope it can help you know what your audience wants. I am sure I could find loads of Goyish music all over. Once again thank you.