Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Will JiftCard Get a Deal - BizTank

Will Avi get a deal?, a gift card company revolutionizing gift-giving, is seeking an investor to grow the company. Avi, JiftCard owner, pitches to the BizTank Moguls.

Will he get an investment?

Read the Full Story in Ami magazine business section and get a FREE $5 JiftCard in this week's Ami package!

In BizTank's 15th episode, Avi Bader demonstrates to "The Moguls" how he revolutionized Gift Giving for any occasion with his company

To buy JiftCard and load it:
Call: 718.THE.JIFT

Buy at your local store. Visit for local store locations.
Over 150+ stores already accept Jift!
Enter the world of unlimited gift possibilities and begin Jifting today.

Like Avi, get a chance for an investment! Submit your pitch to: is just one of hundreds of businesses who have reached out to BizTank to help fund the growth and expansion of the company and was selected as one of the companies to present the idea to the Moguls.

The mission of BizTank, presented by Joel Klein, CPBC in conjunction with Ami magazine, is to have a platform where entrepreneurs and business people can pitch their ideas, existing business expansion plans, patents and concepts to get an investment offer from a group of seasoned investors. The pitches and negotiations are featured weekly in Ami's business section.


Anonymous said...

Great idea! There was this idea years ago with checks but the system closed down, it needed to come back!

Anonymous said...

Awesome card!! Amazing customer service!!This is a gift I wouldn't mind receiving again and again. Beautiful card and I can choose the gift I want!