Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Riboin Haolomim - Beis Aharon School in Pinsk, Belarus

Moisdois Yad Yisroel, is dedicated to the revival of Jewish life in the former Soviet Union, as well as assisting former Soviet Jewry wherever they may be.

Today, Yad Yisroel is the leading Jewish organization in Belarus, with Pinsk as the epicenter of Jewish life in the country. Pinsk has a boy’s and a girl’s boarding school recognized as state orphanages, community outreach programs, Chesed Fund, a Yeshiva, summer and winter camps, Holocaust memorial programs , a Graduate Program and a Wedding Fund, as well as other Jewish community infrastructure.

Talmidim Of The Beis Aharon School in Pinsk, Belarus Sing Riboin Haolomim Yodati originally Reordered by Avraham Fried

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