Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Moshe Storch Al Hanissim (Official Video - Live In Studio)

In honor of the holy time of Chanuka, where we are taught that Hashem comes down to our level, Moshe Storch brings out a really fun upbeat, American Country style Al Hanissim song for us to enjoy here on our level in America this Chanukah!

The song was inspired at the 40th birthday party of Yoel Weiss at Tierra Sur restaurant at the Herzog Winery in Oxnard CA on 12/18/2016.

May this song bring happiness to us all this Chanukah and bring Moshiach now and in this z'chus let it be a refua shelaima for Chaya Yehudis Bas Dina Faiga!

Lead Vocals and Guitar: Moshe Storch
Backup vocals and lead guitar: Duvid Swirsky
Backup vocals and percussion: Gidon Shikler
Keyboard: Michael Bogomolny
Violinist: Chris Woods
Video and Audio all recorded and edited by the grammy award winner talented David Greenbaum

iTunes coming soon

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