Thursday, December 01, 2016

Lioness Fails Spectacularly at Taking Down Giraffe

A giraffe in Namibia was on the dinner menu of a pride of lions that were desperate for a kill, having hunted unsuccessfully for three days across 300 miles of barren desert. But the giraffe had other plans.

The showdown, the outcome of which appeared inevitable, was shown in the latest episode of Sir David Attenborough’s popular BBC series “Planet Earth II” shown Sunday night,

The lions discovered a lone giraffe grazing near a dry riverbed in the NamibRand Desert and began stalking it. The video clip starts as the giraffe runs for its life—right into the path of a waiting lioness ready to take it down.

“It’s now up to her,” the commentator says.

But the unexpected happens when the lioness makes its move and attacks. It failed to gain a grip around the giraffe’s neck and instead gets pummeled to the ground by the giraffe’s front legs and then received a swift and painful kick from a hind leg, leaving the lion in the dust.

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