Thursday, December 08, 2016

Huge Crane Topples in Middle of a Road

The moment a crane smashes to the ground in the middle of a road full of workmen was captured in this terrifying dashcam footage.

The dramatic video shows the crane driver picking up a girder too heavy for his machine during roadworks in South Korea on Saturday morning.

The driver of the car that captured the horrifying accident was forced to slam on the brakes as the crane quickly fell across the road.

A workman looks on in horror as the crane comes down and the top hits a lorry parked across the road, completely crushing the cab. Workmen are seen jumping from neighbouring cars and trucks as they rush out of the way. A man in a truck next to the crane appears to be thrown from his cab by the force of the crane hitting it.

Local media reported that no one was injured in the accident. 

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