Monday, December 12, 2016

Chanukah (for) Dummies

Comedian Meir Kay s out with a Chanukah video. "There are so many Halachos that pertain to Chanukah, that we decided to tackle a few in this video entitled Chanukah (for) Dummies. If you feel like we got something wrong feel free to comment in the section below having in mind, of course, that this is indeed a comedy video."


Anonymous said...


I'm shocked that - a Jewish site, displayed such a degrading video about the holy Yom Tov Chanukah.

You call this comedy?!?!?!?!?!

You blatantly made fun about a holy Yom Tov:
Chanukah is a time when Hashem showed the Yidden open nissim, and you are not ashamed to make fun of this holy Yom Tov???
It's like you're chas v'Shalom making fun of Hashem!!!

Take a few minutes to think into what you've done!
It might penetrate. Might not ...

A shocked Jew

Anonymous said...

A disgrace!!! Degrading the holy Yom Tov Chanukah in which we Yidden celebrate the open miracles Hashem Performed for us.

I'm really surprised that a Jewish sie like Gruntig approved featuring this video.

You call this comedy?!?!?!?!