Sunday, December 25, 2016

"Miracle" Cover & More Chanukah Music

Child soloist Chezky Pinson of Los Angelels sings "Miracle" original sung by Matisyahu.

Y-Studs - Don't Let Me Down - Chanukah

Moshe Storch Al Hanissim (Official Video - Live In Studio) - The song was inspired at the 40th birthday party of Yoel Weiss at Tierra Sur restaurant at the Herzog Winery in Oxnard CA on 12/18/2016.

"Days Of Light Live!" Yerachmiel Ziegler - From the author: "So i got to play "Days of Light" at the one hour challenge with some beautiful musicians. Thank you Shachar Kahati and Ariel "The Wizard" Cohen for your time, talent and musical wizardry. And of course thank you Rafael Di Furia of GlassHat Media and Ben Wallick of Sonic Itch Productions for your professionalism and expertise."

(שעשה נסים) Ruach Hakodesh - Chanukah Waltz - Yerachmiel Ziegler

Young Israeli Russian singer TimoTi Sannikov | עמוס ברזל) חנוכה הנה הוא בא) 

הדלקת נרות חנוכה פרחי פתח תקוה

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