Sunday, November 13, 2016

Skydivers Playing Hand Tennis 13,000 ft Above Earth

Two daring skydivers play with a tennis ball thousands of feet above the earth in this mesmerizing clip.

The pair decided to spice up their game of catch by playing it while hurtling towards the earth at between 120 and 180 mph. After jumping out of the plane 13,000 ft up the skydivers immediately whip out the tennis ball.

They then start a game of 'hand tennis' mid-air.

Sprawling fields thousands of feet below them provide the unusual backdrop to the terrifying match. The skydivers are seen throwing the tennis ball to each other before it is time to open their parachutes.

Divers make a small slit in a normal tennis ball and fill it with lead or pennies to add weight. A small streamer is attached to fine tune the fall rate.

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