Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Holy Smokes

A smoking magician wowed an audience by levitating a cigarette and paper cup between his hands in front of a stunned audience.

In the video, filmed in a public smoking room in Japan, he starts by making the paper cup float in the air, to the audible delight of people watching. After levitating it for 20 seconds, he gently places it back on the wooden work surface.

Next, he takes a lighted cigarette from his mouth. After showing off for several seconds, levitating the cigarette both above and below his hands, he places it back between his lips.

Apparently satisfied with his endeavors, he sits down and soaks up the public praise.

Some were stunned by his efforts. One wrote: 'Wow – this is amazing! He must have some sort of extra-sensory ability.'

Another asked: 'Is he doing this with magnets?'

While one person was more skeptical, writing: 'He's attaching it to a string and someone above is moving it. Camera guy probably in on it.'

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