Friday, November 04, 2016

Election Countdown: 4 Days To Go

How to concede a presidential election - A look back at presidential election concession moments since 1960, starting with Richard Nixon and ending with Mitt Romney.

Early voting shows big changes in two key battlegrounds - Early voting numbers show a jump in Hispanic vote, but are they voting for Trump or Clinton? CNN's Mark Preston reports.

Another Day, Another Clinton Scandal: DOJ Tipping Off Clinton Camp - 11/3/16

North Carolina a must-win state for Donald Trump - North Carolina is emerging as a must-win state for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race. CNN Political Director David Chalian outlines North Carolina's significance in the path to 270 electorate votes.

Rep. Chaffetz: My vote for Trump differs from endorsement - Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz talks to CNN's Wolf Blitzer about his decision to vote for Donald Trump despite previously rescinding his endorsement after the Republican presidential nominee was heard making lewd comments about women in leaked audio from a 2005 "Access Hollywood" taping.

State Dept. releases more than 1,000 pages of Clinton emails - The State Department releases a new batch of Clinton emails just five days before election day. CNN's Jim Sciutto reports.

Hillary Clinton could lose the election - 'The O'Reilly Factor': Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points 11/3

Falsehoods from both sides on the FBI email inquiry - In partnership with, Jake Tapper looks at two claims ?one from each side?about the FBI and Hillary Clinton's email.

With five days to go before Election Day, Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in the battleground state of North Carolina and talks about the military with Medal of Honor recipients on stage with him.

Hillary Clinton's campaign ? in under 4 minutes - Relive the key moments of Hillary Clinton's second run for the presidency in less time than it takes to make an omelette.

Ed Rollins: The momentum is going Trump's way - Former Reagan campaign adviser says it is very important Republicans come together before Election Day

Breaking down the state and national presidential polling - 'The O'Reilly Factor' examines the latest numbers entering the final days of election 2016

Trump: Hillary shouldn't be allowed to run for president - The Republican nominee hits Clinton on email and foundation scandals

Tim Kaine slams Trump ... in Spanish at historic rally - Tim Kaine made history as the first vice presidential nominee to hold a Spanish language campaign event. At the rally he hit Clinton's opponent Donald Trump on his ability to win Latino votes.

How the candidates handle media differently - Analyzing how the presidential nominees interact with the press; Bernie Goldberg weighs in on 'The O'Reilly Factor'

Trump and Clinton make plays for states in jeopardy - Trump needs all six CNN battleground states plus five more electoral votes. Clinton wants to block him from doing just that. CNN's David Chalian shows how.

David Bossie: Clinton ad threw 'go high' strate... - Deputy Campaign Manager for the Trump Campaign joins Jake Tapper to discuss Trump's path leading to election day.

What's the future of conservatism after Election Day? - Donald Trump's presidential nomination and rise seems to have changed the GOP. Win or lose, what is the future of the conservative movement after Nov. 8? Columnist George Will goes 'On the Record'

Nominees campaigning in 'Hail Mary' states? - The Wall Street Journal's John Bussey explains

Melania Trump: It would be an honor to serve this country - Melania lays out her agenda as potential first lady

Momentum of presidential race trending in Trump's direction - Radio talk show hosts Kevin McCullough and Ethan Bearman join the debate

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