Monday, November 21, 2016

Concert Stage Turns into Wedding Chupa

When performer Gad Elbaz took the stage at a recent concert in Brooklyn, the crowd was primed for his upbeat popular songs such as "Hashem Melech" and others.

Elbaz's voice then accompanied the transformation of the stage into a setting of a wedding ceremony. It came as a complete surprise to many in the crowd when a white Chuppah canopy was placed center stage.

The Chosson Pesach Charni and Kalah Avigail Chazin, descendants of Holocaust survivors, agreed to share their special day and the joy of their wedding with the thousands in attendance, highlighting Jewish survival and continuity.

While getting married on stage is not what Avigail and Pesach had planned, when they heard that the show's producers wanted to have a wedding during the show, "It just all came together," the bride said.

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