Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chasidic Jews Search Landfill for Lost Tefillin

Members of a New York City synagogue and Volunteers have sifted through tons of trash at a Fairport landfill in Rochester, NY in search of Lost Tefillin that fell into the garbage.

The members of the synagogue tell us the artifact is a Tefillin bag. When the rabbi of the synagogue realized it had slipped into the trash, he contacted the sanitation department in Brooklyn. But by then, the trash was already on a train on its way to this landfill. So, volunteers from Brooklyn got on a bus and have been searching for it for two days now.

Waste Management runs the landfill. It isolated the garbage and has been helping to search for the artifact. Wednesday, Rochester police K-9s pitched in too. The group says they'll stay until they make their way through all of this trash.

The searchers will work until dark and then restart Wednesday if the bag isn't found. Waste Management and a private donor have each offered up $1,000 to the person who finds the bag.

Tefillin Thought Stolen Discovered to have Fallen in Trash

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