Sunday, October 09, 2016

Yosef Zev Braver - Ki Lo Yidach - Music Video

Yosef Zev Braver, who is not only an exceptional singer and performer but a certified youth and parent coach, has teamed up with arranger Yanki Cohen to produce this clip that was filmed in the Judean Desert, entitled "Ki Lo Yidach" - Hashem will leave no one behind. This is an especially important message before Yom Kippur, to tell us all that here's no despair in the world for Hashem is our ever-most loving and forgiving Father in Heaven.

Performed by: Yosef Zev Braver
Composed and arranged by: Yanki Cohen
Guitar: Avi Singolda
Armenian Flute: Yanki Cohen
Backup Vocals: Yanki Cohen
Drone Footage: Yossi Weiss
Filmed in the Judean Dessert, Synthy Music, & YC Studios

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