Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Daskal & Yedidim - Chupah - AT Production

Shloime Daskal & Yedidim Choir Singing at a Chupah "Hamvdil" Composed & Originally Sung and Recorded by Eliezer Auerbach "Hayom" Composed by Yitzy Waldner & First Recorded by Mordechai Shapiro on his Debut Album "Kol Haderech"

In The Grove-Cedar Grove New Jersey On September 5, 2016, Conducted by Yisroel Lamm an Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Sound by Solvetech
Mixed by Baba Z
Post Production Moshy Kraus-MK production
Event Coordinators Jay Kay 57 & Joe B
Communications director Chad k

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