Friday, October 28, 2016

Dvar Torah Parshas Bereishis 5777

Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg "Man can be the greatest"

Rabbi Laibl Wolf -Creation is continuous. G-d does’t take time off to pay ‘scrabble’ . Our mindfulness makes us aware of constant change – G-d’s interest in His project of creation.

Parshas Breishis - Rabbi Aryeh Royde

Breishis: What's the ROI from Yamim Noraim??

Chabad of Sugar Land

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm of Minnesota - How to deal with the Yetzer Hora

Bardichivers Yahrtzeit - By Rabbi Shimon Semp

Lipa Schmeltzer "No more fighting"

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm of Minnesota - Why do leaves of trees fall in the cold?

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm of Minnesota - Do not talk in Shul

Rabbi Moshe Snow - Parshas Bereishis 5777: Hidden Value

Parshas Bereishis: "I Witness News" - Rabbi Aba Wagensberg

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