Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pilot Has Close Call on Runway

A stunt pilot walked away with minor injuries following a harrowing crash at the start of an air race in Nevada, all of which was caught on his cockpit camera.

Thom Richard, pilot of 'Hot Stuff," a IF-1 Class stunt plane shared his incredible story and also posted the video of the crash

On September 18, Richard was set to take off in the fourth position during the Gold final at the Reno Championship Air Races when his plane suffered an engine malfunction. Richard shut down his engine and signaled to race officials to stop the race.

According to Richard, the flagman signaled back to the pilot with his arms crossed, indicating the start would be red flagged. Richard then popped his canopy up but noticed the flagman waving his arms

The wing of the other plane is seen in the video shearing off the clear canopy and nearly taking off Richard's head as he sat low in his seat. Just after the crash, emergency personnel is seen rushing to Richard's aid. He tells them that he has an injury to his right hand, but everything else is okay. 

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