Sunday, September 11, 2016

Man Shepherds 1,000 Ducks with a Cloth

In this astonishing surprising video, a shepherd, or perhaps duck-herd, manages to make about 1,000 ducks fall in line and go from one place to the next with just a long stick and a piece of cloth.

The video, shot in March 2015 in West Bengal in India, shows a duck farmer herding his birds home after a long day at work feasting on the marshy fields nearby. It is thought the ducks are being herded back to their houses to lay eggs. 

Amazingly, it just takes a few swift back and forth movements of the flag to get the ducks over the hill

In the video, the huge line of ducks, as many as 10 deep in certain places, fall in line and waddle over the small mound. A couple seem to slip as they make their way over the little hill and are left in a flap as they stumble back up. The farmer keeps them moving by waving the long stick back and forth, with the ducks appearing to follow the blue flag.

The ducks are said to be going back to their houses to lay eggs after a day eating

Another farmer with a similar makeshift flag joins the farmer after he has ferried the ducks at the other end of the enormous line. 

The huge duck army eventually gets over with no duck left behind.

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