Monday, September 26, 2016

Lev Tahor Community Moves Once More

The Lev Tahor community of around 500 ultra-orthodox Jews moved from their home in Santa Rosa, 35 miles outside of Guatemala City on Sunday after police raids earlier in the month. “The State of Israel is responsible for this situation” accused board member Uriel Goldman.

Goldman described the raid saying “three hundred police men arrived at the community with a violent attitude.” The Guatemalan authorities said the action was undertaken to investigate allegations of child abuse and, at the request of Israeli authorities, to search for a girl barred from leaving Israel. “They are attacking the community through the children,” claimed Goldman.

The group, which includes around 150 minors, has bought land in Oratorio where they will live in tents before they can build housing. In 2014 the Lev Tahor community was expelled from their first settlement in the municipality of San Juan La Laguna after problems arose with the local people.

Satmar Delegation Comes To Lev Tahor's Defense - Delegation of Satmar askanim, led by Rabbi Yochanan Wosner, Skver Dayan of Montreal, traveled to Guatemala to aid the Lev Tahor community. Lev Tahor is currently involved in a intense legal battle with the Guatemalan government over custody of their children, amid allegations of child abuse and endangerment.


Anonymous said...

these criminaly insane ignorant savages need to move one more last time and that should be into a well secured insane asylum,and that murderous gangster Helbrans yemach shemo needs to be arrested and jailed for the rest of his worthless life.


Anonymous said...

A bunch of unstable people. I just dont understand how we as a group do not go in and save these woman and precious kids from their abuse and imprisonment. ..this is mamesh Pekiach nefesh and for years,we are standing idly by and watching this catastrophy.
It does not speak well about us...we need to care more and drag these pure neshomos out of the hell they are forced into and give them tbe psycological help they desperately need. The men could stay there...We need to save the families...!!! My heart bleeds for these people. I cannot bear watching this.Someone ...please save them and save them quickly!Abuse of the highest kind. We have askanim for everything...We need them now!